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I just don't get Linus. He has an office with no elevator (that or he carries heavy shit up the stairs for his videos), his server closet is way too small (every time they do maintenance it's like a giant 8-puzzle), he lets his employees use his $100k 8k camera for personal projects, and he complains about how much metalworking equipment costs while he drops $900 for a fucking dragon prop.

I know that Linus gets free hardware, but how has he not bankrupted himself with all his expensive projects that lead to absolutely nothing? (Remember the full-room watercooling?) He says basically nothing insightful and just reads off a spec sheet for product videos, unlike if I were to watch Level1Techs, OC3D, or Adored (though Adored's focus is rather limited...). Linus' content is lackluster outside stuff like Scrapyard Wars, which is sad considering he used to make a lot better content.

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