/r/Rainbow6 Quarterly Operator & Map Survey | Operation Chimera (3.1.2)

What do you think are the MOST BALANCED maps?

I would say that all the Ranked maps that I previously mentioned (for the reasons I stated above). These maps are: Oregon, Club House, Consulate, Bank, Chalet, Kafe, Border, Skyscraper, Coastline... and I would also add Theme Park to this list. It's overall a very well balanced map, although I don't like it because of the lighting it has (it's very hard to notice enemies) and attacking different objectives on this map can be very frustrating for me (the only exception is Drug Lab).

What are your LEAST FAVORITE maps to play on?

Definitely the last two maps. Tower because the bad lighting it has and because of the fact that I find it hard on attacking except when I had to attack Drug Room and Tower because... many-many reasons. It's too maze-like, it has a too convoluted structure, it's too hard to memorize, attacking on this map can be a pain in the ass because of the many roaming routes defenders can take and because the angles they can have on you (cross-floor angles). Also entering the building can be tricky as well because it doesn't matter how well you play, dying while trying to entering will be much more based on your luck than on your situational awareness, teamwork, and positioing. There are simply too many angles to check. It's also a map that sucks to play on the defending side as well for similar reasons.

What maps do you think should be in the Ranked rotation?

First of all, Tower for the reasons I stated above. It's a map that might first appears to be balanced, but it's just an illusion because the more you play the more you realize how fucked up that map really is. I also picked House, Plane and Yacht for obvious reasons - they are too small and/or narrow and they overall offer much less options as other, more competitive maps.

What maps do you think should be in the Ranked rotation?

I think that all the maps that are currently in Ranked should stay there, because they are well designed and balanced, with two exceptions: Theme Park and Tower, for the reasons I stated under the question regarding my least favorite maps. I would also like to see Kanal and Hereford Base back in Ranked. I know their problems, but I think they are good enough that they should have a place in there. They would be better than Theme Park and Tower anyway and they would also provide some freshness and variety to Ranked matches. Hereford Base will come back in Season 3, I'm hoping for Kanal next.

Which maps do you think should be in Pro League?

I think that should be decided by the pros, but if you really want to hear my thoughts on this, I would say the same maps as before, minus Theme Park and Tower for the reasons I stated under the question regarding to my least favorite maps. All Pro League maps are well designed in pretty much every way except these two.

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