/r/Roblox Weekly Question Thread (for January 13, 2021)

I need some help on finding a game I used to play. It was a class based game with 4 classes, and it was sort of a rpg. instead of one person progressing to other things, you simply progress with the entire server, despite your LV at the time. If you died you waited in the lobby untill the scenario given has been passed, for example: You die in a boss, you have a few chances to fight again before being shut in the lobby. after the boss dies you come back.

I only remember three classes. One class was called the archer, the archer, as described in the game, was a long ranged class who could pick off enemies, but had low HP and mediocre dmg. the archers color set was purple. The second, being a class that had a sword, was a kind of jack of all trades class as described in the game. its color set was blue. The third had a hammer, and was kind of a brute force type of class, it had a color set of green.

This game was small, yet it was fun. The game had at least 5 chapters, and the only settings I remember were some kind of castle that had the "champions" of the classes, a factory that violates all work safety standards, with walls of lasers and this fucking god damm cube that slips everywhere and we needed to move it to places to progress. A arena that almost looked ethereal, where you would have to fight the champions and some random spirits.

I dont remember that much of it, but if you do remember it, or recall it, could you tell me the title of it? thank you to whoever replies.

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