/r/Science bans and silences scientific dissent in 97% Climate consensus AMA.

And that is a very level-headed and fair analysis and I agree with you on that. The problem is the people who have a knee-jerk reaction (repulsion) to anything that doesn't fit the narrative or could "threaten" an ideology. This goes for both sides.

Libertarians always say, "a method to help regulate correct thought and action is to ostracize those who choose to engage in behavior." I would say that denying climate change is a potentially damaging behavior for society and so those that still deny climate change should be ostracized unless they can come up with the big proof to refute it. It hasn't happened yet. I am open to any science that can refute it, but to make my own

I am not a scientist, but I work with them, and I have personal friends that are scientists, and I know how they are. They are a bunch of egotistical fucks, and most of them are barely even fucntioning adults. They're like idiot savants sometimes. I actually work(ed) (oil industry collapsed, company went out of business) with a scientist that has developed a technology that is not yet widely accepted, simply because it has the potential to make so many highly paid scientific positions in the petroleum industry obsolete. Some of these scientists get paid like $5,000/day to do mostly nothing, and along comes this technology that makes a dumb technician like me able to do their job for $20/hr. The only reason this technology is not more widely accepted is simply because it endangers their careers. I'm fully aware of what goes on in the scientific community.

I have to make my own personal policy, and to do that, I am going to side with the consensus, because the consensus says climate change is real. The environment is very important to me. I am a mountain climber and explorer. I love nature. I am, in a way, an enviromentalist. So what can I do, as a libertarian, or anarcho-capitalist, about this? I can take personal actions to reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce the amount of waste and garbage I put into the environment. It doesn't require any government mandate because I am voluntarily wanting to do this.

Why would I not want to do this? Why would I not want to recycle or use more efficient light bulbs? In the long run, being energy efficient will save me money, it will help to preserve the environment for future generations, it will keep me safer and healthier. I have even gone so far as to quit the oil industry and enroll in community college to learn about renewable energy technology because I believe this is the technology of the future. Despite all of this, I am still ancap. My personal choice is to lead my example to prove that if it can be done, then I will do it. I will live my life as an example to others to follow.

Just to show an example of hypocrisy in the libertarian movement: when I got laid off from the oil industry, I refused to take unemployment. Why? I was called "stupid" and an "idiot" by fellow libertarians and ancaps for not taking the government money. How can anyone call themselves an anarchist and take government money? I'm not Ayn Rand. I put my money where my mouth is. Currently running low on money, but if anarcho-capitalism actually works in real life, I should become very wealthy in a decade or two. If not, then this, like any other ideology, is bullshit and nothing really matters in the end at all.

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