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I think in these subjects this may be true, and not just because academic institutions themselves have bias, but because conservative families don't value soft sciences

e.g. I went to a catholic private school. Our school did not HAVE sociology or psychology as options, or home economics etc. etc. - we had physics chemistry biology economics business studies and IT. We still had lots of options but I am talking Latin, Ancient Greek, Further Maths, not sociology, which was called a mickey mouse subject. Like, there were a bunch of scathing jokes too "what do you say to an anthropologist? big mac and fries please"

as well, a lot of universities here that support those subjects are former polytechnics which amongst conservatives are seen as joke universities (uk equivalent to community college). most conservatives would rather their kids do not go to university than to do what they see as a degree that is seen as a liability with no career options

Until I graduated from university I never knew anyone who didn't go to a red brick university, at my school everyone went to Oxbridge or other redbricks. I studied physics at a redbrick and that was the first place in my life I ever met people who weren't from tory families, but even there and in the maths/biochem departments there were a lot of conservatives.

so rather than it being "conservatives aren't trying to become scientists" which is clearly nonsense, I think it's more like "conservatives who become scientists tend to gravitate towards natural scientists and don't go for soft sciences that have low post graduation employment rates"

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