[R] Some thoughts on decay of Hindu society in India and some of the major problems I see in my religion.

Not at all, I'm not comparing Hinduism with Christianity.

I'm saying common people look for moral guidance and a framework for morality, and religion is usually where they get it from all over the world and with every religion. Spiritual leaders and the priesthood give life advice and a form of counseling.

This may have happened in the past with Hinduism but not anymore.

Jesus camp is an extremely fringe group of Americans that is socially and politically irrelevant. It's like saying Westboro is representative of American society.

Another flaw in your analysis is that you are looking at the average lower middle class american, and comparing them with the urban elite in India. This is not a fair comparison. You need to look at the slums and villages of India and see how Hinduism is practiced there.

Hindu philosophy is completely irrelevant to the vast majority of Indians so whether or not it is better or worse than Abrahamic religions' philosophy is a totally moot point.

On hinduism; it gives you freedom to interpret it and follow it in a personal way. You don't need to listen to any pandits or babas if you don't want, unlike other religions. You can choose rituals with which you connect or not at all.

Again this does not matter. Poor people in slums and villages will always look to people for spiritual leadership, and this is why godmen gain prominence. The common man needs a basis for morality.

As for ramayana and ancient texts, I don't get your point. You seem to be a fan of current Pope. But isn't he a follower of an archaic 2000 year old book too?

Did you actually read my submission ? The whole point is people like the current Pope reform and interpret the Bible to make its teachings appropriate for the modern day. There is nothing similar for Hinduism. And if there is, we don't hear about it.

When the onus is on the Hindu to find out more about their faith, most people just won't bother. And followers of the religion will end up being rudderless.

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