r/Topmindsofreddit keep trying to put us down and won't accept the truth. They ban you if you don't suck bidens dick

Ever hear of the steisand effect? The Californian coastal survey team were taking airial pictures of the coast and Barbera Streisand freaked out that she didn't give them permission to photograph her house for use in publically acessed archives and filed a huge lawsuit. Well, normally nobody would ever bother looking up something from the Surveys outside of building contractors or engineers. But since she decided to freak the hell out it drew a ton of attention to something nobody actually cared about, and millions viewed the photos of her house she didn't want anybody to see.

What r/politics just did is the equivalent of shrieking "DON'T LOOK! DONT LOOK!" in a crowded room and then becoming pissed people are turning to look. A ton of Liberals will show up and see our perfectly casual, well ran community, be suprised we aren't all swastika waving Nazis like r/politics say we are. Maybe theyll stick around and convert to our way of thinking, or at the very least discover we really aren't bad people and understand our views a bit better. In short.


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