r/TwoXChromosomes: The poster describes her totally real experience of dating a hateful incel. It is all here: apparently, he was a white, Christian, anti same-sex marriage, misogynistic Trump, Kavanaugh, Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos supporter who hated the Ghostbusters remake.

Just like with Smollett, when these virtue signaling leftists make up some story to smear conservatives, they always end up creating some weird fictional character who’s only the reflection of their sick fantasies, and who doesn’t even remotely resemble any real person. If these basement dwellers actually stepped outside and interact with real people instead of listening to leftists propaganda all day, they wouldn’t be so out of touch. This “Christian” has never masturbated? Oh please... probably 99.9% of Christian men struggle with porn at one point or another in their life, let alone masturbation. Shoot, even mentally disabled people probably masturbate. If you’re gonna make up a lie, don’t be dumb enough to make it totally unbelievable. But I guess if your audience is wholly composed of “woke” leftist morons, you can just do a word vomit and they’ll be dumb enough to believe you.

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