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> Ever heard of wind ?

Yeah, it moves the air the virus may be in, that could make it travel directly to you from someone on the other side of the fucking street.

> Ever heard of UV radiation ?

Google - "does the sun kill coronavirus" before saying such a stupid thing.

UV Kills it, but the sun isn't a bloody UV gun unlike purposely made UV lights made for sterilization.

> Literally no evidence worldwide of significant outdoor infection. Even during Spanish flu the doctors realised outdoor hospitals cut infections massively.

Literally no evidence? Wow you must do research and tests yourself really fast and thoroughly to be that certain. And are you going to argue NOT wearing a mask in public is better than actually wearing them? It's not a hard thing to do... you are not outside 100% of the time. Wear it for the brief period you are, to reduce that risk MORE.

It's not about ONLY masking up in areas that pose a 'significant' infection risk. It's about masking up as much as possible to reduce all risk. Masking up in public reduces the risk, especially when things can get crowded, which they will.

It only takes that one moment for it to pass onto you; wearing the mask could prevent it spreading to you in that one moment - so why not wear it? It's only in public, and you aren't out 100%. It just few the brief time you walking outside.

Like wearing a car seatbelt. Just because you drive safely. Just because you drive on quiet roads; doesn't mean you should NOT wear it because 'the risk of crashing is significantly low' - only takes that one crash to fuck you up, but unlike a car crash, the fuck up with coronavirus will fuck up OTHER people. Not just yourself, if it even does.

Think about other people for once, like - "what if I catch it in public, spread it to my family, and kill my mother? I'd regret not doing more, like wearing a mask in public, that could have prevented me from getting it and spreading it to my mother." If you do wear it all the time in public, on top of usual precautions, then you can rest assured you did all you could, without lingering regrets of "what if I did..."

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