r/vegan comparing eating meat to genocide:

every animal I don't eat is one not killed, that's a simple fact

No, it isn't. Just because you stopped eating meat doesn't mean a production company thousands of miles away from you has decided "JoelMahon doesn't eat meat anymore, we can kill 1 less cow today!" It doesn't work like that. Whether you consume a burger or not the same amount of animals are being killed, your choice has not changed anything so please stop grandstanding about it.

You don't care about the environmental impact part? So what exactly do you care about? Because you aren't stopping animals from being killed which seems like the only thing you have left to hold onto. What do you think you are accomplishing?

if everyone was vegan

If everyone was vegan the entire ecosystem of the planet would change dramatically, likely not in a good way. What happens when specific animals start overpopulating and destroying other animal habitats? Your train of thought tells us we can't intervene because that would be immoral. So now, by inaction (which is a choice) you are possibly causing the death of an entire species of animals. Your hard-line stance has now done the opposite of what it was intended for. How would you go about justifying the extinction of a species of animal? There is an unimaginable amount of possible consequences to what you suggested, it's not a decision to be taken on a whim.

Your last paragraph makes no god damn sense so I can't really address that.

you'll realise that they cancel out

I lol'd at the simplicity of this argument.

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