R/Vinyl is a place to talk about records. That is it's purpose. What can we do to stop the flood of everyday same old, too lazy to search questions?

I think people are starting to get the impression that we like being asked what turntable is the best one to buy for under 100 bucks. Either that, or they just don't even care, they will find a way to ask the same exact question every 5 minutes.

True Story: Before vinyl bot came along, we used to get TONS of posts of a nothing more than picture of a record without a word uttered from the OP.. Example of the typical post before vinyl bot came along...

I found a record.

So vinyl bot comes along, and made us get off our lazy asses to type something that contributes to some kind of point around here. Whoever set up vinyl bot, THANK YOU. I owe you a beer for making this place less LCD. Having that little bit of typing makes the OP get to the point and share something everyone can benefit from reading.

However, we still have a never ending flow of CONSTANTLY REITERATED QUESTIONS. The worst of them is the "Tell me what turntable to buy" threads. You'd have to be blind to not see there is a literal flood of lazy newbs that come in here every 5 minutes asking how we can do all the research and work for them when it's all right there. Even though it's all been asked 1000 times, there it is again, like a broken fucking record. "Can you scan my local craigslist for me? I live in Tulsa. I'm too lazy to link you to the Tulsa Craigslist, will you do that for me too?"

The people who answer are being nice, but not nice to everyone else, because it encourages them to keep doing it. And that's what they do, they keep asking instead of doing any of their own research when it's all right here.

We need to either reprogram vinyl bot to look for keywords and automatically link the clone to their answers or we need to find an effective way to reiterate the basic point of this sub which is RECORD DISCUSSIONS.

Do we have to highlight some rules for them in giant fonts highlighted in yellow so they can't miss them? Can we program the bot to find and destroy "HELP! Tell me how to think cuz I want a turntable but I'm scared of individual thought” threads from lazy teenage snots who know damn well how to press the search button but want it spoon fed to them anyway.

How desperate are we for members that have no intention whatsoever of thinking for themselves or doing basic research? Is there a shortage of record buyers that we just gotta have this shit on repeat all day? I say neigh, we do not need more lazy helpless members who want to fall into what the other kids at school are doing. You either love music or you don't, and if you have to ask what music to buy, you can kindly GTFOH for not having a music identity of your own. If you have your own music taste, however good or bad others say it is, at least it is your own and for that alone you belong here, especially if you are DISCUSSING THE MUSIC on the records.

Who sees a problem and has some ideas for the mods to make this place better? Who thinks I'm full of shit and nothing should change and we should just change the name of this forum to r/brokenrecords or r/whatvinylstobuy?

If this request for improving the daily thread flow around here offends you, frankly you are a part of the problem. If you think we could improve the general topics coming into this place, speak up and please offer suggestions.

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