R/Vinyl is a place to talk about records. That is it's purpose. What can we do to stop the flood of everyday same old, too lazy to search questions?

That's completely irrelevant to the actual point of this thread, but sure, I'll bite... So what?

Not everyone is going to publicly or privately like your music, you need to understand that and learn how to take it with a grain of salt. Not everyone likes my music either, I have a weird fucking taste in music, and I hear that all the time. I'm no better than anyone here and I certainly don't expect everyone to like everything I am listening to when I don't like everything they are listening to.

Besides, admit it, if everyone liked and circlejerked the same music this place would be the most boring place on the planet.

I always welcome negative opinions on any and all music related post because often they are more honest than the "ohhh, I want that!" fishing for upvotes by the OP and his or her fellow circlejerkers bullshit. Comments like that are welcome by the OP even though they help no one because it validates their taste, but they shouldn't need that validation if they are happy with the music.

Certain bands here are mass-hated, certain bands are mass-loved, and the only thing that separates the good from the bad opinion based comments are the levels of honesty. If an opinion of anyone's bothers you, you'll downvote it anyway, even though it's just opinion, which is no more wrong than it is right.

Only here are people so sensitive that any negative opinion about music is automatically a bad one, and that too needs to change. Stop being a bunch of weak tits, if someone says they don't like Ben Folds Five, and if you do, then stand your ground and tell them why you like it instead of acting like an injured bird and retreating into lurking anger. Whatever taste you have, make it yours, learn how to say fuck it if someone else doesn't like it.

You have a right to like Barbra Streisand's music here too, but don't expect everyone to jump on that bandwagon if you reveal it, there are musicians with anti-fans who love to hate on them, Babs is one and so is Ben Folds, and Blink 182, and Maroon 5, sorry, but that's just the reality of it. If you Google most hated bands you'll see BFF and Maroon 5 on that list, I didn't make the list, so don't kill the messenger. If you truly love them, that shit shouldn't ever matter.

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