/r/weedstocks Weekend Post - Sunday, [April 14, 2019]

Believe what you like, Alvin. Aphria is going to grab other LPs by their ears and have its' way with their faces financially speaking. We shall see how the hyped up stocks fare out long-term when investors start to realize that they don't retain revenue, no matter how much they may grow.

I don't know what part of my tenure irks you, Alan. The bottom line is: I don't care because much like the amount of money I invested in Nuuvera, you are insignificant. (by the way: suck it haters) Albert, you will rot away in your cubicle obeying others and struggling to agitate and ignite your slowly depleting quality of life. Only to return home at the end of the day, exhausted, uninspired and miserable. After getting high and masterbating for the second time that day, you will take out your frustrations with the safety net of anonymity, never quite satisfying your anger, but satiating it enough to make it through one more day.

One day you will see that you can be someone special. Perhaps through the found-love of a life partner or perhaps through a perlious journey of self discovery (and no I do not mean more masterbation). When that day comes, perhaps you will be anointed with the recognition that all men and women both great and weak make mistakes. By that point, Aphria should have a marketcap in the 10's of billions.

Don't ever think that you aren't capable of being a someone. Just don't make the error of thinking you would have done a better job than I did. My actions are still reverberating through out the Aphria story - some good and some bad. But god dammit. I fucking made Aphria, what the fuck have you ever done besides posting cowardly, feeble snivelings with no fear of recourse.

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