Race mixing for thee, but not for me...

Jews are flooding Western Europe and North America with ads featuring white women dating black men. I don't see why Israel would be against "diversity". Diversity is our strength, right? So let's engage in a little mental exercise: Go find me some Israeli commercials promoting race-mixing in Israel.

Because if you can't find any, that would suggest that Jews see blacks as a bio-weapon that they want to utilize to collapse the West. Kind of like in "Blazing Saddles," where Jewish director Mel Brooks tells the story of a corrupt politician who wants to destroy a town. His methodology? Send in blacks.

E. Michael Jones talks about how blacks were used as a bio-weapon to break up Irish and Italian neighborboods in major U.S. cities (as a way of breaking up voting blocks).

It's stunning that Jews are now doing this on a global level, systematically pipelining Africans into Europe and North America, all the while flooding the airwaves with new race-mixing commercials to condition little girls to marry black men.

My only point is: If it's really so innocent, let's get those commercials into Israel. I'm sure they'll welcome the superiority of diversity. Why should we be so small-minded and deny them the prescription for happiness that they suggested for us?

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