Rachel deserved better than Ross: a Twitter rant in 100 parts

Yet another feminist rant. Im sorry but this logic sounds like pretty close to this story

Rachel:Hey I think 6*9=69.

Joey:Omg rachel you are so smart im still figuring how 2*2=2+2=4 also btw u said 69(laughs hysterically).

Ross:No Rachel its actually 54(rolling his eyes).

Conclusion /Rant: This is why joey and rachel are much better couple they are connected Intellectually(both r weak at maths), Emotionally(they make each other laugh because rachel gave exact number that makes joey laughing on the floor while ross just rolling his eyes) and Spiritually(both r free spirited while ross is judgemental and just corrects other people).


PS:I do agree Ross is horrible with whole We were on a break and hiding the phone number but Rachel aint any better. Also Ross is an ex and joey is friend, why would Phoebe be jealous of ross? Didn't she set him up with Bonnie etc. ? I would've been on board with joey/rachel if the writers made rachel sleep with joey in S7 and accidentally knocked her up and then they fall in love while pregnant or something and gets their HEA, also she needs sex becoz she is sad/jealous of mondler getting married and she is living with ONS king idk y they made her sleep with ross, anyway if joey and rachel got pregnant ross and mona probably hit it off and get their HEA(she is awsome match to ross and she is HOT) but i guess writers are trying to sell ross and rachel are terrible people but always in love with each other so they're better off each other becoz 'love doesn't need to make sense for it to make sense' that kinda stuff. So joey/rachel was out of hands by S8 and I still stand by joey/rachel is cringeworthy for me especially in S9/10.Btw the Rachel I knew for nine seasons would never laugh at 'homo' joke its kinda low for joey tbh.

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