Racial Admixture Among “Mixed” Groups Worldwide Masamap #9

I know a guy who is from Urumqi, a city in the northwestern part of China.

He speaks with a strong Chinese accent, and is totally Chinese, but he hardly looks like the people from other parts of China. He has blondish hair, and you would probably call him whitе.

In Xinjiang, some people look very "whitе", others look "аsian", and many look like some mix of the two. Or even "аsian" but with blond hair and green eyes. You might say this happened because a group аsian people and a group of whitе people moved into the same area and mixed together, but thats not really what happened at all.

Why? Because there is no point where one rаce ends and another begins, and there never was. As you travel in one direction, light skin gradually fades into dark skin, travel in another direction and dark skin gradually fades into light.

People from Xinjiang, as well as much of Russia, and Central Asia, are not "mixed rаce", nor are they more "physically diverse" than people from any other parts of the world, they are simply in-between the two points that, Americans (for example), are most familiar with. If your from the US, your probably familiar with further East Asiаns and Europeans, this is where American immigration comes from, as well as being large population centers. On the other hand, someone from Russia, is probably also familiar with Central Asiаns (people from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, ect.).

Someone from Yakutsk might look "аsian", and someone from Moscow might look "whitе", but the idea of "аsian" vs. "whitе" doesn't exist the same way in Russia. Because someone in Bashkortostan might look somewhere in between. Many people in Papua New Guinea, eastern Indonesia, and even some people in the Philippines look very much "blаck", but the idea of "blаck" does not exist there. Even Madagascar, it's in Africа, but some people in Madagascar don't look so "blаck" even within the same families.

All alleles are found around the world, just in different frequencies. If one trait has a high frequency in Beijing, medium frequency in Ukraine, then it might have something like a medium-high frequency in Central Asia. Its mainly the overall combination (of about 6-10 traits), that are enough to affect what country someone looks like they are from.

A certain few traits are prevalent in Central Asia, for example, but there are many people with one, or maybe two of these traits, expressed or recessively carried, in any population of the world. It becomes less and less likely to inherit combination three or four of these uncommon traits just by chance, but of course every now and then it happens.

For skin tone, it is expressed through incomplete dominance. In a population of light skinned people, every now and then there will be a person with significantly tan skin. They may be heterozygous, and have one allele for light skin and one allele for dark skin. In order to inherit very dark skin, two heterozygous carriers need to pass on two (homozygous) copies of the dark allele. A population with light skin also has the same alleles for dark skin, but it is recessively hidden because of the frequency, so rarely shows up.

For a recessive trait (like blond hair), it can only be expressed with two copies of the same allele, otherwise it is hidden. Say for example, 1/50 people in Bangladesh, 100 years ago, had the blonde allele. The chance of two carriers meeting is 1/2500, and the chance of passing on two (homozygous) copies is 1/4, so although many people carry the gene, it would only be expressed in 1/10000 people. For blond hair to start to be expressed often, it needs a high frequency like 1/5 for allele carriers. As for dominant traits, you can see them across any population because the same genes exist across the world.

DNA tests can compare someones DNA to a sample population in a database. For example, a company might take samples from some people who live in modern day Rome, and find a number of alleles that are frequent in the population, and the degree someone's DNA resembles the frequencies from the sample is what "percentage Itallian" they are. But theres not actually such a thing as "Itallian DNA".

There is no single point where one rаce stops and another begins, so what appears like a baseline rаce to people is all about their point of reference.

Lets choose, at random, people in the Caucasus Mountains as a baseline reference, lets call them "Caucasoid". Now choose people in Mongolia, call them "mongoloid". You can now compare the rest of the world to these reference points. If you graph the degree of similarity on a chart, it gradually fades out from the points. People in France, they are more similar to the Caucasoids. People in Beijing, they are close to the Mongoloids. Tatar people, they are in between the two, so lets call them mixed between the two points.

So there you have it. Two racеs. Mongoloid and caucasoid.

But now try picking out different points to use as references. Lets take Tatars, call them Tataroid, and Berbers, call them Berberoid. Plot the genetics on a chart, and the degree of similarity gradually fades out as well. Egyptians, they are Berberoid. Nigerians, they are also Berberoid. Koreans, they are Tataroid. Yupik, Tataroid. Ukrainians, Tataroid. What about French people? They are in between, so they are a mixture of Berberoid and Tataroid.

So there you have it. Two racеs. Berberoid and Tataroid.

Are central Asiаns really mixed between whitе and Asiаn people? Are North Africans really mixed between blаck and whitе people? Or are Europeans actually a physically diverse mixed rаce group of North Africans and Central Asiаns? Neither! Because what is the reason behind choosing these points as references? Genetics? How so?

You can just as easily use "Berberoid" and "Tataroid" as references for comparison, as you can use "Mongoloid" and "Caucasoid".

Its completely relative. And any starting rаces that are chosen will be equally scientifically uncredible.

Anthropologists studied a group of burials in the Swiss alps [Europe] and found them to have Tataroid [Central Asiаn] features with some admixture of Berberoid [Moroccan] traits [40/60], with distinctly Berberoid type physical characteristics. Excavation at the site, were far from genetic homogeneity showing both Berberoid and Tataroid traits. Five of the six burials were complete enough for anthropometric analysis and they appeared Tataroid rather than Berberoid

West Africans, West Europeans, South Asiаns, and East Asiаns, do not date back to more ancient times than other populations. These places are just the most populous, and the most recognizable, particularly to Americans and the English speaking world.

Every human trait, genetically speaking, is inherited individually. There are many people with both light skin and blond hair together, but in Papua New Guinea and parts of Indonesia there are many people with both dark skin and blond hair. A person can be born with any trait for hair, skin, mouth, nose, eyes, in any combination. Human traits are all individual, they not grouped genetically speaking into types.

For tens of thousands of years, millions of human have been scrambling around. And its often on the very general level. Say for example a family of 5 moves to the next city over. There is no way to scientifically sum up all these billions of interactions in any synchronized way.

Humans as a whole have just as much physical distinctiveness as any particular population within in, and just as much gene pool diversity. Some traits are clustered in different frequenceis, but the overall phenotype and genetics varies more between individual people, independent of what country they are from.

Say for example a computer compares one person who looks whitе to a database of several thousand faces. The most similar matches don't always look whitе, out of thousands, the #1 match might look blаck.

The reason for this is, a persons appearance is made up of a combination of many traits. Chances are that no one in the database would share the exact same traits, so the people who do share some traits are not necessarily going to share the few that are used to visually identify someone as whitе.

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