Racial segregation at the Alchemist . Yuck

Alchemist is such a shit club as it is. They have kibanda seating even though you are paying ridiculous prices for things. It's just some hipster bullshit. Cheap out on furniture and claim it's artistic. That's what's attractive to expats and Kenyans who just go with what's trending with the elites. A club that was that cheaply done would not be so popular if people looked at it objectively. It's all just hype and marketing.

Concerning the video. I think it's a mixture of racism and classism. Rich black Kenyans are treated very differently from the poorer majority. I can guarantee you the security at these clubs treat rich black Kenyans very differently.

Also, it's not owned by a Chinese it's a guy called Peng who is Chinese American. He's an American citizen and is about as Chinese as a hamburger. He's also known for working with American backed start ups in Kenya. Him and his GF Michelle Morgan, Bob Morgans daughter (BM security) own it. Michelle is a point 5.

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