Racism and Classism in Name Nerds

I’ve definitely noticed this trend as well on the sub but to be honest I think this is something that we need to recognize is going to be an unfortunate constant regarding name choice, not just within western and Eurocentric/America-centric cultures but globally across most, if not all cultures. I come from a mixed background, my SO is from yet another culture and due to my upbringing/education I have friends and acquaintances from all over the world- classicism regarding names is so normalized, like there’s always certain names within a given culture that are laughed at and looked down upon because they’re used by the poor/uneducated locals or because they’re used by the local racial/ethnic minority. I’m not saying this in order to deflect from the issue at hand or to say that we can’t try and improve ourselves, but rather to say that I think this is sadly an intrinsic part of the naming community and the process of choosing a name in general and that it can’t just be easily addressed. Names are seen as a signifier of the family’s social status and background, which is important universally. And because of this, it’s something that we all have to deal and live with. I’m glad that we are trying to be more aware of this though, as I don’t support the idea that people should be judged and sorted based on their name alone.

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