Racism, pregnant, and insecurities.

I've been dating this guy since August. I'm 21F, he's 24 years old.

We both have been married, now both divorced. He's a mix of country meets gamer. I come from southern California, obviously city girl. We have the same humor, enjoy same things, get along, think similar for the most part. We spent Christmas at his grandparents house. Which was full of his family, like extremely full. He didn't introduce me to anyone, as if he was ashamed. And when he does introduce me, it's just my first name. No girlfriend or partner. Anyways, as the kids were opening presents his grandfather shoved me out of the way to get through. He didn't do this towards anyone else. He was rude to get them to move, but never any physical contact. Here's the thing, I'm pregnant. I'm 10 weeks, just imagine down further my pregnancy. My boyfriend turns to me and says "it's just the way he is." I tried to play it off. Just like the racism I get from his dad's side. It seriously gets annoying. As if no one has seen a person of color. Out of respect of being at his grandparents, house full of family members I didn't say anything. I just tried to get away from everyone. We got back to my boyfriends parents house where we spent Christmas Eve with his mom, stepdad, grandma, and brother. I didn't mind, I actually really like them all. Seriously, they're cool. My boyfriend somewhat tried talking to me, but it'll just end up with me feeling worse. So I just kept quiet. He asked if I wanted to go home and see my family(an hour and half away). Obviously I did, but it was late, I was tired, sad, uneasy feeling overall. Plus he's made it clear he doesn't like my family. He gives off the vibe of not wanting to be there. Which is understandable, I told him things I shouldn't have. I should've mentioned, it was my first holiday being with my family again after four years, also my boyfriend. Another thing that has been bugging me is that we were talking about sexual things in general, he decides to tell me that he misses and loved the smell of his ex wife; how she used to cum all over him, etc. I pushed it away. Tried to ignore it. I honestly don't want to have sex at all with him, but I ignore my emotions and insecurities to make him happy. I will admit, I say things about my ex's because he constantly brought her up, but never about sexual things or how I miss a certain thing about them. Not only did he talked about his ex, but his family did too quite often in the beginning, it's not as much now. Not just one ex, two to be exact. My family never mentioned anything about my ex. I try to hide my emotions cause I don't want to be this immature, brat girlfriend who is too sensitive.

tl:dr 10 weeks pregnant, boyfriend's grandfather shoved me; boyfriend didn't really seem to care. I don't want my baby to be belittled or feel ashamed of who s/he is by boyfriend's biological father's side.

Insecurity issues within myself cause boyfriend brings up his ex.

Should I leave or try to build a bridge and get used to it for the baby's sake. Advice on how to stop being so immature and sensitive???

Edit: I don't want to make my boyfriend seem like he's a total butthead. He's sweet and loving. Very carrying, actually. Just when he's with his biological father's side, he seems like he changes and distant. Also at his stepdads parents house/family. However, they're not disrespectful to me. Other than that he still remains being a sweetheart.

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