Racism, white nationalism, and white supremacy all make no sense if you are a Christian. Christians literally worship a dark-skinned, Jewish savior from the Middle East. Not only is racism sinful, it is remarkably stupid for anyone who identifies as a Christian. - Ed Stetzer

Ok no one fucking justified the mosque shooting are you fucking stupid?

The president of america wants people to come in LEGALLY. how fucking hard is it for you stupid asses to understand the difference between illegal and legal immigration? When you come in ILLEGALY you ARE BREAKING THE LAW hence CRIMINAL. dumbass.

The shooter at Wal-Mart was a Democrat. Was not a Trump supporter. They modifed his social media to make it seem like he was a Trump supporter. Hes not. Hes pro antifa.

All that colonialism imperialism slavery and genocide ended up becoming one of the greatest nations on earth. I mean shit it's life shit happens all countries did bad shit no one's perfect but now America is the land of the free.

What about Mexican genocide? Slavery? Russia slavery? Russian genocide? All countries done it.

You do realize democrats want open borders and that benefits human traffickers in Mexico and America? Build that wall and it'll stop that shit. Democrats want illegals to come in 24/7 to get their votes cause sane Americans are tired of democrats protecting illegals first. Protect your citizens first and maybe they'll vote for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAH you are retarded.

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