Is this racist?

Can you try to make your point without resorting to insults?

When somebody is as thick as you? No.

When you say 'you benefit', you are making assumptions about me that you cannot be sure of (and in fact, that are not true). Your reason? The color of my skin. That is unfair.

No, it's just true. It's also inconvenient for your 'even though I'm white I totally have it just as bad as non-white people' thesis, which is why you bitch and moan about it.

You'll never be shot to death by a police officer for a minor crime. You're twice as likely to be employed as a non-white person with identical qualifications and experience. You're twice as likely to receive a response for a job application as somebody with a non-white name. You'll never be a victim of a race crime (unless you also happen to be Jewish). Your children are half as likely to be suspended from school for the same infringing activity as a non-white person. You're male. You speak English. It goes on and on. You've never checked your privilege, except to whine that people are pointing out that you have it.

I get it. You went to China. Some mean Chinese people said mean things about you. And instead of saying 'wow, dominant cultures really do discriminate against minorities with impunity, placing them at a disadvantage; I'll be sure to keep this in mind when I return to a white-dominated society like the UK', your response has been 'see! Non-white people can be mean as well! Racism and white privilege are imaginary!'

that restricts fundamental freedoms in public life in ways that it should not

How? (I'm going to guess the answer involves some variation of 'I can't say stupid racist shit without people pointing out I'm a stupid racist, and that's totally the same as oppressing minorities')

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