Racist ex-Marine teacher flips out on 17 year old student

As a product of the united states public school system, I can say I have seen my fair share of teachers and students who are disrespectful and cause issues in the classroom.

I once had a teacher in high school who absolutely had it out for me (had my brother a few years before and didn’t like his “attitude”) and anyone who dared question her supreme authority. She sent me to the principal for something once, principal literally sighed and sent me back, she threw a fit and wouldn’t let me back in her classroom so I went and hung out in the counselor’s office with their secretary. I got the impression she sent people to the office for no reason pretty often.

But get this: the teacher eventually showed up at my grandpa’s funeral the next year (i had already graduated). She didn’t know my grandpa personally, said her dad used to work with him (cannot confirm they actually worked together because her dad had also passed by then). The whole event was really traumatic on its own but then this teacher who absolutely hated my brother and I was there? I’m pretty sure one of my aunts overheard me talking about how she treated us in school and asked her to leave.

Not that this makes much of a difference, but I was a 4.5 honor roll student who never so much as had detention from kindergarten to senior year. Some teachers just pick on kids and its pretty messed up.

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