Racist father and son denied bail on murder charges in the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

I’ll give it a go. Bearing in mind I don’t have time to link every little piece of info so you should follow up to verify.

Basically the going narrative right now is that this Arbery fellow was an innocent unarmed black man out for a jog. There is certainly evidence to the contrary of him being innocent. Video surveillance of him breaking into a house, a prior record of theft and firearms offense(s) just to name a few. Plus disputed claims of him running in boots and jean shorts or khakis, twelve miles from his home.

But you question the mainstream narrative, even on conservative subreddits, you WILL get shit on/banned/etc.

Edit: link to video of shooting

Judge for yourself.

Double edit: link to Arbery’s own criminal history, which TLDR one firearms offense of carrying a weapon on school property—> five years probation, probation violation later for shoplifting.

The article also discusses previous links between the ex cop who has been arrested, and Arbery. The link is essentially the ex cop was involved in the initial investigation into the firearm offense.

Triple edit: I’m not a Court, nor a finder of fact, if you want exculpatory evidence, it’s literally all over the news 24/7, saying he’s innocent. I’m specifically challenging the innocence narrative. I believe it is at least questionable.

Georgia DA memo explaining the possible legality of the arrested men‘s actions.

II just found this it’s an acknowledgement that there is video footage of Arbery burglarizing a home prior to the shooting.

Full credit to u/low-info-upvoter for this link.

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