Why is it racist for white or any other race of people to wear dreadlocks, but it isn’t racist for black people to wear chopsticks in their hair?

It’s not. Dreadlocks have been a thing for centuries because people (both black and white) didn’t know shit about hair maintenance. Egyptians(Black) and Vikings(White) both had dreadlocks. You see, dreadlocks wasn’t a hairstyle invented by and meant for specific groups of people/type of hair, it’s just dirty unkempt hair that has happened to both black and white people. What is cultural appropriation is when white people are sporting corn rows and not getting ridiculed for it. Corn rows is a hair style invented by black people for black people because they needed to find a way to keep their specific hair type matted down ‘cause god forbid people just couldn’t handle afros in the work place. And yet when people see a black person wearing corn rows they automatically assume they’re ”thugs” or criminals even though they’re just trying to keep their thick ass hair tamed. Oh and the chop stick in the hair thing was invented by western civilization. Asian cultures don’t do this. Cultural appropriation babbyyyy.

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