Racist Leopard Cant Eat Its Face Because Its Eating Its Face.

Somehow I didn't get tagged for this but thanks /u/Cyphonics

What i'm doing is neither of those actually. If making two points and being civil is sealioning and gish gallops, then all discussions are that way.

But for anyone wondering. This is yet another alt of /u/ItsOkToBeTakei. He's been messaging me harassing me and manipulating votes with multiple alts.

His alts include:




He's been replying with three out of four of his accounts all conveniently saying the same things going "Sea Lioning" and "Gish gallops" and screaming that I'm projecting.

Take what OP says with a pound of salt. He appears to be mentally unhinged and on the war path because he had a disagreeing opinion and instead of trying to point out where I'm wrong. he attacked me.

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