Racist women have ruined my life

"It's not racist, it's just a preference." FUCK YOU.

I'm sick and tired of hearing this all throughout my life. All these fucking women, my god. Scum.

I was born in this country yet I get treated like an immigrant. I follow the country's cultures, traditions, speak the language in the 'right' accent, support the local sports teams etc. Yet I will always be viewed as a race, not as an individual. These women have been dehumanising me since I was a kid. A lot of them say that I'm just not "their type".

They know that racism is wrong and if you publicly admit that you are a racist you will get ostracised. Yet, society accepts subtle racism all the time. In fact even expects it. These women have come up with clever ways to not sound racist, to play dumb etc.

You'd think this would be the exception, not the norm. But it's the exact opposite. Almost all women are racist. They all want that white cock. These womenn have ruined my self esteem. How would you feel if no woman found you attractive simply because of your race? I went on /r/amiugly and asked for an honest rating of my face. Most people said I was between a 6 and an 8. I even asked on other websites and they all say I'm not an ugly guy and am moderately attractive. But my race is supposedly at the bottom of the social ladder. If I were a 6 and white, I would have had such a different life. People wouldn't treat me like I'm different.

I am so ashamed of my face. I hate you. Whenever I go to clubs or bars and I approach women, they put on a face that looks as if they are repulsed. The other day I approached a girl who I thought was all by herself. She politely declined my advances and we both went on our separate ways. She thought I had left the bar when in fact I had just popped into the bathroom. When I came back, this girl was with her friends. The friends had watched me try to hit on her. They were all saying things along the lines of, "Oh my god! I can't believe that Indian guy tried to ask you out." They were teasing her. You could sense it in their tone. They were making fun of her, as if trying to say that the girl was unattractive and could only get hit on by Indian guys. They were all laughing it up. I just got so incredibly angry but I simply left the bar.

I once used Tinder. In my profile, I just had a blank picture as my profile pic. There was one girl who matched with me who also had a blank profile pic and we started talking. Eventually the topic of hook ups came up. We talked a lot about our fantasies etc. Then we agreed to meet and have a one night stand. We still hadn't seen each other's faces. I had warned her that a lot of girls don't find me attractive and that she might be disappointed. These were her exact words- "as long as you are not a morbidly obese hairy woman, you are fine." Both her and I were quite sexually frustrated and we just needed to get off. She gave me her address and I drove to her place. She walked up to my car, opened the door and said "oh". I thought to myself, 'not again'. We talked for literally about 5 seconds and then she said, "you shouldn't have lied to me". I told her I had warned her not many people find me attractive, she said "OK" and then shut my door. You could see she was clearly embarrassed and walked back to her house as quickly as possible. She literally thought I was as or less attractive than a morbidly obese hairy woman. How would that make you feel? I'm not fat, I'm of above average height, I get a haircut regularly yet I'm something less than human in women's eyes.

These are just a few incidents out of many. So many. It's the story of my life. All these women are very racist. "It's just a preference." Fuck you.

These women want equality but will not give it to others. How would you feel if I disguised sexism as a preference. "Oh, I don't hire women because they could get pregnant and eat up valuable company time. It's not sexist, it's just a preference." Or, "I don't want a woman doctor to be in charge of my child's health. It's not sexist, just a preference."

These women stripped me of a normal childhood. When other guys were going to high school dances, I was made to feel ashamed of the fact that I would even want to go. I was made to feel ashamed of even having a girlfriend. 'What would people think if they saw a girl with a subhuman?' In school, other guys could normally talk to girls and even have friends who were girls. Me? "Get away from me, you creep!" Even if I attempted to talk to them, they'd try to end the conversation as quickly as humanly possible. But then my white friend talks to them, they are all smiles and happy and friendly. Bitches.

These feelings of shame carried through my college years. I didn't make a single friend during those 4 years. Society views a man's worth by the quantity and quality of women he can pull. If women are repulsed by you, what does that make you? An emasculated man. A eunuch. All my confidence and self worth went drown the drain. I graduated from college but have been unemployed for over a year. Not because I didn't get any jobs, but because I haven't even applied. I'm terrified of people. I get extreme social anxiety. My heart races when I have to talk to someone. I hate all you women. You all want these fairy tale lives and be a princess but you all are wicked witches. You are all rotten to the core. You are evil. I hope every woman who has ever hurt me goes through what I go through for the rest of their lives. Be suicidal, empty, miserable. I hope there is an after life so that you can feel empty for eternity.

End rant.

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