Rack servers

If you are going to mount a single server, you will generally want a tower server. It's untenable for a datacenter, but ideal for homes and small to medium offices.

I can attest that they are very convenient. But their utility in the home is limited, they are much more durable, are actually meant for 24/7 operation. They also are about 3 times as expensive as an equivalent consumer hardware, and most importantly, they are much more scalable. You can put a bunch of JBODs in the server to have access to a petabyte of storage, you can have 2 sockets, or 4 if you are going crazy, you can have 128Gb/768Gb/4TB of RAM...

All for "new car" prices. Unfortunately it's also going to be as loud as an actual new car. Not as much as a rack server, hopefully. I see me making that purchase a few promotions down the road, however.

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