RackStation Fan Control

Of course I have...

So then you probably realize that the limitation is likely to imposed programmatically and likely wouldn’t be alterable by tweaking a configuration like scemd.xml or using some userland CLI tool.

Seemingly your reading comprehension skills are lacking. “I’m not interested in advise about cooking my hardware, I understand the risks.”

I wasn’t commenting on whether or not you would cook your hardware. I could give a fuck what you do to your unit.

What I was pointing out was that Synology has likely disabled these controls at a level far lower than you’d be able to control precisely because they don’t want to have to deal with assholes like you who are hellbent on stupidity, so pursuing this might be a fruitless endeavor for you.

And yeah, despite my lack of “reading comprehension skills,” your lack of common sense and basic social skills is probably the reason your question is sitting with zero upvotes and only a single response. Coming into a forum, asking for help, and telling people to fuck off in advance isn’t a good way to generate good will or results.

There’s a few people on /r/synology with enough experience and background of working with these devices at a pretty low, programmatic level who would probably be tickled to help you try and find a solution for your problem. I’m probably one of them, but right now I think I’d rather use my moderate writing comprehension skills to tell you to go fuck yourself.

Have a nice day!

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