Radio-Canada parody mocking Trudeau’s India trip blasted as racist, ‘completely disrespectful’

First: The comedy piece is not making fun of Indian people or culture, it is making fun of Trudeau.

Second: Most if not all of the Indian dancers in the piece are Canadians dancers of Indian ancestry.

Third: The cows seen in the piece are a reference to the Dairy supply management fight with Trump, nothing to do with Indian sacred cows which look completely different from their Jersey or Holstein/Frisian Dairy farm cousins that are featured in that piece.

Fourth: There is no cultural appropriation here, if Trudeau had dressed as a Viking while visiting Norway, the piece would have featured him in a viking outfit.

This is just an example of people wanting to complain for the sake of complaining. The comedy sketch was very funny and did not disrespect anyone beside Trudeau and Trump, which both of these guys deserve.

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