[Radio Estadio] No representative of Celta Vigo will go to the Bernabéu box today. This is a sign of discomfort over the signing of 12-year-old Bryan Bugarín. The Vigo club felt cheated this summer by Real Madrid.

Maybe so, but I think it does speak volumes to a person's mindset to assume people from around the world would just automatically know his local culture. As does the apparent refusal to acknowledge that point. OP could have said, "yeah, you're right, I could've been clearer" and this would've been done in 2 light-hearted comments, but instead chose to double down by saying they "live and went to school in Bristol" as if that should clear up what I was saying. If that doesn't paint you a picture then.. I don't know what to tell you, I guess? It's predominantly English flairs that behave in this manner on /r/soccer so I'm just calling it how I see it. Furthermore, please don't tell people to "settle down", it's pretty rude and can only ever stifle polite discussion.

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