Rafiq on idpol

I wish he would have a blog or something instead of just scattered forum posts on a site nobody reads anymore.

He did in fact have one with some original text under jrachblog.wordpress.com, but it has since been private, I think after he announced a hiatus to complete what he suggested would be a magnum opus which never materialized. That also meant eventual and nearly complete silence from his account which lasted the short while that was left before the official death of the Revleft forum in which he was also admin'd. If I remember correctly, he penultimately wrote about the urgency of the Trump presidency and the pertinence of going "underground." I would also think his absence was from being spiteful of the fact that he was attracting attention lately from /leftypol/, reddit, etc, which he basically saw as degeneracy (and inadequacy at best compared to what he valued about Revleft) in a variety of terms, as too much of an annoyance to continue dealing with, but that's more my impression.

This looks like the best link to his blog: https://archive.is/jrachblog.wordpress.com

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