Not sure if I'd classify this as rage or not, you guys decide. Anyways, I was doin Gymlyht Dark yesterday, got to the first boss no probs, and then i notice the healer die to the spinny mechanics, so i mean no big right? So I do my RezMage duty proudly, res them up and life goes on, until the next spinny phase, and down they go again. Rinse and repeat. So im like wtf, this has happened 3-4 times in a damn row, they are on WHM constantly dying to the damn boss mechanics, so im gettin ready to ask them wtf is up, when they say "Please be considerate of me, I am disabled. I am playing with one hand, healing/moving/etc." That had me kind of, idk, not mad per se but irritated? Like im sorry they have a disability and good on them for gettin all the way to end game but man, when you are on an important class like healer, idk how to feel about it :S

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