Rahm Emanuel tells retail employees to learn to code

I have several siblings and they all have beyond entry level jobs.

I'm not saying that because I did it that everybody else can do it. I'm saying is that yes people's cards that are dealt them are very random, but everybody does have some degree of control and what they want to do with those cards just like poker. it specifically annoys me when someone who is stuck in a dead end job at 40 hours a week, is unwilling to put in an extra five hours a week for 6 months to learn a new skill. I apologize if I'm coming off harsh, there's a specific person I have in mind that I know very closely that has declined my help. I've offered one-on-one to train for the next six months to get him out of his entry level job so that I could hire him, and he met up 3 times and then gave up because "it wasn't fun" in his words. and then he continues to complain about his suffering at his current entry-level job.

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