Unfortunately this is not even close to being true, and sort of misunderstand how evasion works because the actual evade chance you're getting from that multiplier will vary so wildly that you can't really put a number on it.

Evasion scaling is exponential. Every point of % chance to evade costs substantially more in terms of raw evasion rating than the previous point.

About 65,000ev is enough to get 90% evade chance against top tier white monsters with survivalist, which would have been enough to (roughly) cap evasion chance before the change. After the change, it now take almost exactly double the evasion - around 130,000 - to hit the cap. That is a ridiculous difference. 65k evasion is achievable for practical purposes, especially with raider. 130k is not. Not only is it harder now, I don't actually think we'll be able to cap evasion at all anymore outside of specific meme builds.

If the goal is truly capped evasion, this change effectively halved your evasion rating and then gave you a 5% more multiplier back in return. It was a massive nerf to that aspect of the ascendancy.

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