The raiding community here really is pretty toxic.

I mean maybe things are consistent because they are the truth and I am getting fed up with being treated like a bag of trash whenever I try and log into this game and raid?

Idk what to say. I get treated like shit in this game.

-My FC on Jenova fell apart due to drama I had literally nothing to do with and I was isolated (this was YEARS ago) and I ultimately quit.

-I went to Gilgamesh in order to play with some of my youtube "heroes" (yes don't even try and make fun of me before I say it) like Mr. Happy and Ethys and others. Don't make fun of me for it.

Haven't even seen them in game yet so... yeah. That was a stupid move.

-My FC fell apart in a disasterous fire explosion on Gilgamesh yet again to drama and emptying the FC bank I had nothing to do with.

-I joined another FC and was basically isolated.

-I ended up leaving that because it was depressing seeing so many people not even acknowledge my existence or let me participate or anything. I was there just to collect FC rank points through my crafting and shit.

-Now I have my own FC where I own my own personal and FC house in medium house versions. (I can't get my hands on a large yet.)

-My static just combusted because of impatience from people because "omg wea re spending more than 8 hours getting past midsardsormir"

-Now I am left in the PF rot again.

So in summary.

-I have no one to talk to in game.

-My only social interactions in game are through hate comments in raid. Elitism and other bullshit. It paints a really nasty black picture tbqh.

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