Raise those charges

Hill said he had owned the male brindle pit bull they named "Choo Choo" for several months. He claimed the dog had attacked several of his family members

The suspect stated he tried to give the dog away to various shelters, but no one would take it in because the dog was deemed too vicious.

"The dog attacked my daughter and I snapped. I did what I had to do to protect my kids from the dog,"

When asked why he did not simply let the dog go, Hill said he did not because it "would've attacked somebody else's kid."

I mean he shouldn't have burned it(or any other slow death method) but I understand why he did it

does this new law say you could defend your self and/or kids(others) or should you just let it maul you and/or kids(others) with a big dumb smile on your face because DoGgo

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