Raised in the city moved to the country?

I was raised in a small city (100k pop.) and then moved to a small village (2k pop.) at age 14, shipped off to escape being sent to a home for fucked-up kids. I actually had a better time in the country initially, until the new-kid appeal wore off and people got to know me. I didn't have friends at school until I were countrified, so that a was an improvement. Being a saggy-panted hiphop-loving city slacker got me lots of grief (secret: I only sagged my pants because they didn't make pants long enough nor thin enough to fit me was 6'4"@130lbs, so sagging let the pants reach my ankles). Being gay and terrifiededly closeted at a high school where people wore cowboy hats and had firearms mounted in their pickup trucks was not fun either.

Also my move from city to country was a move from having parental guardians over me (however limp the supervision was), to basically being able to do anything I wanted as long as I stayed in school. That was nice in a way, though it also was bad because I became lazy, mostly without structure and discipline. Having parents, decent parents, would have been nicer than being alone and aimless, without quality guidance.

Living in a small village wasn't that bad -- living in a house in distant rural backwater, that was the worst. Having to drive 10mins just to get to a store, 20+ minutes to get into a city, to do routine lifestuffs. Annoying, not being able to walk places and do things. And distant rural country folk are much worse than the small village people, like scary Deliverance bad. I had been bullied a lot before, but never before had i been stalked and harassed like it was out there. Never again! Fucking asshole hicks.

Even before that I changed schools fairly often, stacking up 5 different elementary schools, three different middle schools, and four different high schools before I dropped out. I was miserable at all but one, a small alternative high school where they push the kids they've given up on. Never really had friends before I went there. Was nice. I've not had many friends since. Meh. I never did get the hang of friendships, and it's rare that anyone wants to fuck with someone way fucked-up in the face. Anyway, I rant.

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