Ramee suspended from PD / Priority drop?

I honestly can’t believe he said that because CG run rp during NA times. They create so much rp it’s insane and without them during the NA times, all the cops will be doing is driving around doing car simulator. Randy said the other day, if Kevin made a cop, the late NA time would be boring as fuck as he runs it. He’s created so much rp with his detective arch a couple months ago to wu - Chang. He does big jobs and try’s to make it enjoyable for everyone. Why does he do these big jobs instead of making an easy turn and lose the cops? Because he wants everyone to have fun. It disappoints me when people talk shit about them when it’s the chat and not the people. CG has been my source of entertainment for almost a year now and god I love it.

I hate to swoop down to this level but what rp has pons done, o wait he made a vagos character to go around in cars and shoot people CRAZY.

Downvoting me just shows me you’re delusional.

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