Ramping up of Sinophobia and anti-Asian sentiments in the Anglo media and social media. Most of the Chinese headlines are not even what China is doing, but what US and Anglos are doing to China.

The sad thing is, if war does start, both sides of the conflict will never know who each other really are. Americans will blindly march into battle believing that they are fighting the ultimate evil, where in reality they'll be gunning down innocent men who never harbored any true hate for anyone and are worlds away from the devils that the US takes them to be. Chinese will march into battle confused and hurt, never knowing why the world has it out for them. All they'll know is that they are the hated ones and that they're alone and isolated by a hostile world. And if China does lose, it will sadly be forever remembered in history as the aggregator, not the victim of systematic abuse that forced it into conflict. We're not enemies of each other, but somehow, we are.

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