Rand or Nietzsche?

Einstein believed in a god that didn’t play dice but he was confused with the advent of quantum physics that says that God does play dice. Stephen Hawking

If god does play dice then it is possible that free will may not exist.

Laplace also talked about a universe and an infinite intelligence that could dictate the movement of all particles again in line with quantum physics.

Yeah you could just do that but you didn’t did you? And you never will predictably so. Your genetics and make up would never allow it down to atomic molecules. But there are those that are predisposed to do such things and they do don’t they? You exist in this substance and just because you “feel” like you have a choice doesn’t make it so.

Also let’s reverse the situation, bad things happening to good innocent people. Leukemia in a 3 year old, mass shooting victims... I could go on. Where the fuck is the free will in that?

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