Rand Paul vs socialism on The View

"Let me just cut you off repeatedly, try to shut you up by dramatically closing off my body language, and deliberately misinterpret your point to make myself sound right, in a setting where the established power dynamic is for me and my peers to control the conversation... mansplainer."

And what exactly is the definition of mansplaining?

I'm far far from a fan of Rand Paul but this is just ridiculous and uncivil. This is how Trump behaves. This sort of hypocrisy is why Americans hate leftist media/politicians.

And this is coming from a person who voted for Bernie, then for Hillary, and now supports Warren. On paper I should at least mostly agree with this host and her ilk, but I can't tolerate a refusal to engage with differing opinions and actually seek truth. Whatever we may agree on, they derived it from identifying and opposing an enemy, rather than seeking truth, and I'd rather have a debate with Rand Paul, in spite of all our differences, than with someone like that.

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