Random Discussion Thread for Late Night Owls and Early Morning Worshippers - 02/04/2015

Random shit

How often do you stay breathless at a sight of a person? How do those butterflies feel in your stomach when you look at them after all these years? When you’re speechless when she’s in front of you but you still feel something good in the silence surrounding you.

She’s that much amazing to love someone as stupid as you and through all your bullshit and lameness, she must’ve pretty amazing to do that. Do you ever find yourself dumbfounded in her thoughts, do you find yourself trying to cease the process, she’s too amazing to be stopped thinking about. Do you even realize how important part of your day she’s become, No you don’t you have no idea, the day you’ll realize that is when you’ll be forced to live a day without speaking to her. You’ve started to cut through all the bullshit and look deep into her soul and you just know she’s the most beautiful women you’ve ever met, everyone has a different definition of beauty and she fits your just perfectly, she’s the most beautiful women to you and she has no idea about it.

You obsess so much over her and some of her dorky features, You can not think of a single reason why she refuses to acknowledge her smile as a pretty smile, while in your opinion it is the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. She easily takes offend when you talk about her lips but you find them so cute, you know when she smiles her eyes contract making her look so stupid but you can’t control that smile of your very own when you see her smile.

There’s so much you wanna do with her, you want to kiss her so bad, you want to play around, you want to tease her so much that she comes and punches you hard and you burst into laughter and tears of joy, you want to make out in car in a lonely place and grab her thigh to make her jump out of no-where, you know that this girl gives you so much pain, she irritates the hell outa you, there are days you think that this relationship is not working and there are days when you’re thinking about the names of your future children. You know she’s going to pick up, may you call her at 3 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon, you know she’ll pick up, bitch about how she was sleeping but help you feel good. You love her endlessly, she sometime might doubt so, she clearly has those trust issues but she knows that you love her, she’s so much more that a lover to you, she’s your bestfriend, she even acts as your mother sometimes, and there are nights you pissed/irritated/crazy and you just think about her and that makes you smile, you know she’s gonna cut through all the bullshit because she loves you, and you love her, she’s become many things bigger than a human to you, she’s become a part of you.

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