random skybound questions

  1. Chen took it from her at the end of Tournament of Elements in order to complete the spell, but she eventually got it back somewhere before Hunted

  2. When you think about it yeah, if that was a normal sword that would have realistically died, but with the power of Ninjago logic he survives

  3. Because he plot convenient gadgets and the ninjas were idiots in that episode

  4. The same way the ninjas got it in the show

  5. I don’t really get how that worked too, I don’t think that it’s a plot hole, just a thing that I don’t understand

  6. Why would those two characters in specifically do something to stop Nadakhan?

  7. Djinn Kings have unlimited wishes if they are also married. Khanjikhan’s wife probably already died and he wasn’t interested in getting infinite wishes, so he didn’t marry a new one

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