Ranked battle in Lexington

If I'm queueing up with a Lexington for ranked, I'm either using AS or strike AA. 111 is barely usable in pub games and has no place in ranked/team battles/etc.

If I'm using AS:

  • Group up. I can't magic the planes away if the planes are somewhere else. Also, my fighters don't have infinite ammo, so you'll be vulnerable for a while depending on the map. Be ready to defend yourselves when I call my fighters being down for ammo.
  • Call out when battleships for sure have used their DCP, especially if they're not near enough AA. I'll gladly throw away some dive bombers to do big damage to big boats.
  • Against another AS CV, turn on your AA no matter what ship you're in if I'm dogfighting in your range. The more damage you do to enemy fighters, the faster they go away and the better I can keep you safe from bombers and spotting.

If I'm using strike AA:

  • Most maps will have a specific ridiculously strong island for me to hide behind. My focus will always be on getting to that island, if it exists. The best thing you can do is help me get there and stay there. I generally point out which island this is and also which side of it we should have most of our ships on to hold effectively. Some maps (Atlantic) make it harder to approach on my own, so I may ask for a long smoke screen in front of me.
  • Stay grouped up with each other, or within my AA aura for protection. Since I don't have fighters, you will be more reliant on ships like Benson C or North Carolina for AA away from my body. More favorable maps (especially North/Northern Lights) will let you stay near my AA and still contest points effectively.
  • On favorable maps, play defensively. Take our little strong area, and lock that shit down. I WILL kill everything except the carrier given enough time on a good map, but you guys have to buy me that time which means not dying above all else.
  • I will call focus fire on ships frequently and give you a reason to do it ("used DCP," "waste his DCP for me," "finish pls," etc). If enough people listen, that ship is sinking within the next minute and I can immediately nuke someone else instead of wasting my drops.

TL;DR: Stay together, drag the game out, remove little shits first.

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