Ranking the top 3 QBs

It’s all over FFPC not just my leagues. Spend some money and check it out instead of arguing with people you don’t know.

ADP right now from those sites you are paying for are tabulated from mock drafts. DLF for example, May’s data is from 6 mock drafts conducted so far this month. I’ll go with what people are doing to try and win $$$$ vs make believe drafts conducted in a think tank by experts after your paid subscription.

Oddly enough, one of those experts took Watson in one of my drafts at 5.09. First QB off the board by a round until Rodgers went 2.

Pimple faced virgin.... you came so close to being civil for an entire post. It’s progress I guess.

But I digress. I may as well be talking to a wall. You’re not listening, just picking and adding what “seems” to be my intention for argument.

And calling people retards, children or pimpled virgins is being a dick, but I’m not into name calling so yes I called it bullying.

I’m guessing you’re a last word kinda guy, so to keep this from going on and on I’ll make this my last post to this thread. ✌

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