Rant about my love life

about a situation I have been placed in

No involvement huh?

I am 19 and she is 19.

Oh, okay. Gottit.

my first love ...11 months. I know that it isn't long, but you know when you know right?

Umm okay.

I have dated before, and i have never felt that way before.

Oh, well at,19 you know more than I do.

Anyway, we were really good for each other.

Define "really good for each other".... I mean, Im only 41, maybe I dont know.

Just constantly happy and everyone saw it.

Right then! If everyone else (but you) can see it, it must be true love.

I won't bore you with the details

Pretty sure I've got enough

but everyone thought that we were going to get married one day, us included.

Hows that working out for you?

But eventually that would lead to our downfall.

I seriously doubt your opinion or that of your friends is what has led you to your " downfall "..aka reddit.

We broke up because we put so much pressure on ourselves to last forever and we were so young and did not know if that was the right choice.

Hope you learned something about unrealistic expectations.

A few months after the breakup we tried to remain friends, that did not go over very well.

Never does. Thats why Reddit (and life, in general) recommends no contact. It works.

Basically hated her for about a year in my life

That's healthy.

But recently we had started talking again and even went on another date.

that's not

A week later she tells me there is another guy and that she wants to date him but she "wants to be with me because she knows what she has with me".

Youre the " safe bet" the known known vs. the unknown

I later bailed on the situation because I am a second choice in the equation.

So you've got a head on your, shoulders. Good!

My first love is with someone else because she wants to venture out and keep me as a safety net.

Bingo! Read your words..."FIRST love"... She wont be the last. Hell, she probably won't be the 5th to last.

although deep down i care for her,

And likely always will. That's how 1st loves go.

i am no ones second option.

Hang onto that

I always wonder if we all actually do have a perfect someone for us

Yes and to meet them by 19 is rare. We can't all be /u/itsonlyjustaride

or if it is some people's destiny to live alone.

Also true. Too soon to say

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