Rant: Called dealership about an inbound Ioniq 5 in the config I want.

This is going to get downvoted into oblivion but it's

Supply & Demand.
Is markup right? We say no, and so do I. But Economics says otherwise; excess demand. And all other industries do it all the time, but only the dealer industry gets flak for it. (Electronics (esp GPUs), Real Estate, Clothing, Furniture, etc.)

I do data analysis for OEMs and can share that Hyundai will only be sending
Canada 1,000 vehicles in total that are HEV/PHEV/EV, but there is approximately
~100,000 active buyers looking for these vehicles, and another
~150,000 prospecting buyers looking for these HEV/PHEV/EV vehicles,
in Canada.

There are about ~200 Hyundai dealers in Canada, the distribution won't be equal but if it was that means that each Hyundai dealer in Canada will only get 5 vehicles that are a HEV, PHEV, and/or EV combined for the year.

So for example a dealer may only get 1 IONIQ5, 2 Tucson HEV, 1 Santa Fe PHEV, and 1 Elantra HEV for the year.
Thankfully vehicle market adjustments aren't legal in Canada on the vehicle itself. But you can guarantee dealers here will add on every single accessory and back-end product onto these vehicles with no negotiations and people will still buy it.
I personally agree with everyone and would not want anyone to be on the receiving end of a ridiculous mark up. But at the same time we would be ignorant to ignore the fact that demand is beyond astronomical while the supply is not sufficient thus causing these xEV vehicles to be borderline commodities...

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