[Rant] Do we have to be fined for every single mistake?

Get your facts straight buddy... Firstly I never mentioned swerving nor would I advocate it... Secondly there was a lot of traffic which led me to going a bit further than right at the entrance of the quisais exit and the exit coming down from the khawaneej road side so to save everyone from any accident or traffic build up situations i decided to go a but forward. Thirdly I didnt cut into anyones way there was no traffic at the entrance of the Quisais exit, I merely merged into the lane properly but apparently they saw it as no lane discipline... Either I am not going to argue with the police about that but the fact that you assume immediately that I was on my phone is just highly disgusting. Thats what closed minded people like you think that if someone misses an exit ohh they were on their phone. There are moments where a driver does things on the road to save themselves from accidents or traffic build up situations... So think carefully next time upon how you drive and if you have made any errors at all before spewing out your grand opinions

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