Rant: Had the worst night at WMT in a few years.

no kidding i work the fresh/frozen department on nights, its brutal. it was fine when there was a constant flow of one in dairy and one in frozen but with these cut backs and transitions of over night stockers going to days. they havn't replaced anyone. with no new people were down to one person to cover both fresh and frozen on rotation of two people on nights. my last night was absolutely exhausting. my night manager wasn't in so it was my support and the new support in training, so the support playing as manager really didnt go so well. i was told to go to pets to stock wiht the new support or 2 hours, come to find out after first break my f/f truck was already received, the support only just fond out. so there went 2 hours of my time to get something done. the freezer was up to the door, and apparently the cooler was small which it wasn't. and days has done nothing substantial in work for the cooler or the freezer. so i was told to work the cooler i tried to, but before that i ripped apart all the freezer skids and got the our bakery to where it should be in bakery, luckily making the frezzer survive one more night of not being worked completely. adn while i was doing that support i guess gets all clammy why are you working int he freezer, cause now we cant receive meat to the meat department cause your skids are all in the meat cooler. putting the blame on me for not moving them. like holy shit not my problem 2 hours ago. the reason i think support wanted me to move them was so they didn't have to. well i only worked 2 out of 4 massive skids for the time i had left, condensed three skids out of the cooler, mean while the bins are messed up half empty and there is no organization of what goes where its stupid as fuck. they are damn lucky to be able to receive anything else. that and i didn't finish zoning the department, as soon as i saw a customer, the last thing i want is the support getting in shit for having workers work over time then not getting shit done. been almost 6 years and i can see this company going downhill phase three is coming and its not going to be pretty.

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