Rant or rave? Tell us about your weekend!

Had an amazing date Saturday night. Axe throwing then dinner then live music then ended at her place. Kissed in the morning before leaving (she wasn't feeling breakfast or a walk) and texted a little when I got home.

She has had some drama going on the past week and she said the date was a great escape from all that, but that it's a little too much in her head today. I said I understood, we can chat later when she's feeling up to it. Cue 15 hours of insecurity and second guessing as I wonder if she's still feeling it with me. I try to distract myself, went for a run, watched some shows, but it never really left my mind. Then today got a good morning text, exchanged some funny memes and talked a bit about our day plans. Everything normal.

How do I squash these feelings of insecurity? I want to take what she says at face value but my mind seems to fixate on the negative possibilities that I imagine. I don't want to ruin things by being too much and want to stop torturing myself, as well.

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